29 Jun 2010

Cotton of the Carolinas

Posted by maryrick

This video highlights the unique work of local supply chain leaders Eric Henry of TS Designs, Brian Morrell of Mortex Apparel Manufacturing, and Ronnie Burleson of Thurman Burleson and Sons Farm. (I’m proud to say I helped organize this plenary presentation while I was with the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE).)

These organizations have made an incredible commitment to local living economies and offer us a really cool business model and product.  According to their site, “Cotton of the Carolinas is a collaboration of farmers and manufacturers across the Carolinas dedicated to growing, making, and selling its t-shirts in the Carolinas.”

Built on shared regional interests and resources, a strong business case, and strategic partnerships – this model proves local manufacturing is still possible!  Learn more about the supply chain and track your shirt here.  TS Designs also offers T-shirts made of recycled bottles and organic cotton.


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